October 4, 2015

Tropical Carrot Cake

Here's another great recipe from Gretchen's Bakery - Tropical Carrot Cake.   I am a fanatic when it comes to pineapple and the addition of my favorite fruit in this cake really sends it to the next level.  The recipe calls for brown butter which makes the cake very moist and flavorful.   

Everyone loves cream cheese frosting and this version isn't too sweet, another big plus in my book.  I've made this cake twice in the last week and I'm planning to make it again soon for my Mom's birthday.  I have a feeling she's going to love it!


  1. Hello does some one have the recip, for this tropical carrot cake m’y little girl just dry one it cant see the recip no more and gretchen’s only give the vegan one thank you

  2. i hve it. dont know if i can get it on there though

    1. Hi! I have been looking all over for this particular recipe-sadly Gretchens old recipes are no longer accessible:( Would it be possible for you to send it to me?

    2. Anonymous3/25/2023

      I have see the recip on Cookpad 25-03-2023

    3. Anonymous3/25/2023

      It the same Recipe with brown butter

  3. I'd love to have the non-vegan recipe as well, please.

  4. Anonymous11/18/2022

    Please share recipe as its no longer available.


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