June 9, 2012

Battenberg Cake

Reading about all the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations this week inspired me to make a quintessential British dessert.   Ironically enough the origins of Battenberg Cake are actually German.  Pastry chefs in the court of Queen Victoria, herself of German ancestry, created the marzipan covered sponge to celebrate the wedding of Victoria's namesake granddaughter, Princess Victoria of Hesse and by Rhine, to Prince Louis of Battenberg.  

In all the times that I've visited England I never actually tasted Battenberg cake but knew of it, especially because of the pink checkerboard design.   How cute would it be at afternoon tea or a bridal or baby  shower? 

The recipe can be found here from the BBC website.  The sponge cake itself was a bit dry for my taste so next time I think I'll make it with either pound cake or high ratio butter cake.   Hmmmm...now that I think about it maybe I'll try to get my hands on a real Battenberg cake tin.  One more pan couldn't possibly make a difference in my already stuffed pantry, right?

On another note.....

Today is my very dear friend Gullet's birthday so I am sending her my best wishes.  Wish I could be in Norway to celebrate with you but I'll definitely be there in spirit!  Have a glass of Veuve for me!


  1. Do you participate in the Daring Bakers challenges? If not, what a coincidence that this also happens to be this month's challenge! I'd never even heard of it before now :)

    1. Unfortunately I stopped participating in the Daring Bakers about a year ago. They made a great choice with Battenberg, especially in the month of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee!

  2. I am so intrigued by all foods English. My daughter and I just finished the British series "Larkrise to Candleford". They mentioned Battenberg cake on several different episodes so I always rush to blogs that show what it looks like. Yours turned out adorable and I have it on my list of things to bake.

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