June 5, 2015

Hot Dog Sugar Cookie

These hot dog sugar cookies are complete knock-offs from Callye Alvarado's blog The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle.   She is an amazing artist who uses sugar cookies as her canvas and royal icing as her paint.   I am constantly in awe of her talent and get so much inspiration for my own baking.  Her ability to visualize so many different cookies out of the most ordinary cutters is truly incredible...what a visionary!

Nothing says summer more than hot dogs and how cute would it be to serve these cookies at your next summer BBQ?  I myself am a ketchup, relish and onion fan but with these "hot dogs" you can add whatever condiments you want.

Happy Summer!!!

June 1, 2015

Buttermilk Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Here's a scrumptious banana bread that tastes even better the next day.  The recipe originated from one of my sister's co-workers, but was adjusted and tweaked to it's current deliciousness.  Buttermilk makes the bread really moist and I added mini chocolate chips to gild the lily even further.   (Never a bad thing in my opinion.)  Be sure to use REALLY ripe bananas, we're talking super dark, to get the maximum fruit flavor. 

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