July 2, 2011

4th of July Cake Pops

When it comes to cake pops I'm a bit torn.  On the one hand their cuteness really captures my fancy, but on the other their intense sweetness has my teeth aching.  Dilemma, dilemma.   The solution?  Make them, just don't eat them!

This time, instead of using a boxed cake mix and ready-made frosting, I made the cake pops with a  homemade high-ratio yellow butter cake and lemon curd swiss meringue buttercream.  Using homemade stuff cuts in to the sweetness a bit, but not by much.  

I decorated the pops with red, white and blue nonpareils to celebrate the 4th of July.   Hopefully the kids coming to my brother's BBQ this weekend will enjoy them, not so sure about their parents!


You can find several blogs on how to make cake pops but I recommend going to Bakerella's blog.


  1. I share your dilemma! Love the cuteness factor, don't love the toothache. I like how you've resolved it - these sound perfect!

  2. Love how you decorated these!

  3. Anonymous7/05/2011

    So where is the recipe on how to make these?

  4. Anonymous6/29/2013

    Do you use ganache for this outside? How do you form the balls?


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