May 13, 2011

Christening Dessert Table

You may have noticed a drastic reduction in blog posts last month.  Apologies for that, but I had a very good reason for the drought.  I was focused on something very special - a dessert table to celebrate the christening of a very special baby, my goddaughter Elin Louise.

After months of brainstorming, planning and testing I can now unveil the final results. I was quite happy with how the table turned out and I hope that when baby E is older she will feel the same.  

Ecstatic doesn't begin to express my reaction upon learning that Amy Atlas, the ultimate guru of dessert tables, recently featured Elin Louise's table on her blog. As an ardent admirer of Amy's work this is such an exciting and incredible honor. 

My most heartfelt gratitude goes to Familien Horn-Galtung-Wintermeyer and Silja for their tireless assistance in bringing the vision to fruition. Tusen tusen takk!

In case you're curious about the treats included on the table.......  

- christening gown cookie favors
- carrot cupcakes topped with monogram "E" fondant cutout
- vanilla pirouette cookies (from Pepperidge Farm)
- monogram sugar cookies
- lemon macarons
- cream puffs

- candy in glass jars: Norwegian white pillows, milk chocolate buttons, jordan almonds
- centerpiece cake (bottom tier: chocolate w/chocolate swiss meringue buttercream; top tier: vanilla with  raspberry swiss meringue buttercream)
- Ferroro Raffaello
- candy in glass jars: champagne bubbles, milk chocolate buttons, Good and Plenty licorice


  1. Gorgeous! Well done!

  2. I saw the post on Amy's blog.
    Absolutley lovely...My parents were from Bergen, Norway and so this table speaks to me...:D
    I love the light, simple and grace of it...AND it lookd sooo yummy!

    Elin, from Norway has responded to my post on Amy's Blog. So sweet to chat with her...
    Tusen takk for sharing!
    ~Lisa Gundersen

  3. That would be looks sooo yummy...

  4. Absolutely beautiful! :)

  5. Just lovely! Where did you get the christening gown cookie favors? All the ones I've seen online aren't nearly as nice.

  6. Truc, this is so lovely! Can you share where you got the favor cookie boxes or how you did them? Thank you!


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