October 1, 2023

Dutch Apple Cake


I've visited The Netherlands exactly twice: the first time as a university student passing through with a Eurail pass and the second when one of my besties was working there on a long-term project.   During neither of those trips did I have the fortune to taste the famous appeltaart (more like cake) from Cafe Winkel 43 in Amsterdam. Actually, I'd never even heard of this famous dessert until I saw it on Amanda Frederickson's blog when she tried to replicate it at home.  Since we're at the beginning of fall I thought her Dutch Apple Cake would make the ideal first bake to celebrate the season. 

Amanda's recipe makes a 9-inch cake, but I ended up halving the ingredients and making a smaller cake using a 6-inch pan.  I was happy when the downsizing worked out perfectly.  For the apples I used my favorite variety, honeycrisp, which are crunchy, sweet and tart and hold up perfectly when baked.   The cake baked up to a lovely golden brown and it took all my willpower to not slice into it straightaway.   As soon as it cooled I indulged in a slice with vanilla whipped cream.  My first taste was a triumph and unlike any other apple cake I'd had before.  The cake top was almost like shortbread while the apple chunks in the middle add a nice, fruity contrast.   I can't wait for my next visit to Amsterdam so I can try the original, but until then this replica version suits me just fine.


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