May 16, 2016

Russian Decorating Tips

Calling all bakers who are intimidated by cake decorating:  this ones for you!

I only recently heard about Russian decorating tips and I have to say I'm a complete convert.   You can easily get professional looking results with very little effort.  Sign me up!  Many, many years ago I took a cake decorating class at my local baking supply store.  While the class was great and I learned a lot about making buttercream flowers, I have to say these Russian decorating tips are a total game changer.   

Instead of making individual petals to form the flowers, these decorating tips make the entire flower in one go.  Genius!  Based on a recommendation, I bought this set from Amazon and they are fantastic.  Admittedly I had to practice quite a bit to get satisfactory results (granted I am a perfectionist), but they really are easy to use. 

Take your cakes to the next level and invest in these Russian decorating tips.  For a nominal price the ROI is phenomenal (that's my Finance background talking!).


  1. I had no idea tips like these even existed. Brilliant! Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. It is so beautiful design of cakes, Really I am speechless to look it cake is my favorite and It is so yummy. It is best for any events to celebrate the occasion. Buy the best and designed Cake Decorating Sets at best price.

  3. i love this! The cake looks too beautiful to eat, i would hate to cut through it. This is the only reason why i dont decorate my cakes! Thank you for the tips and methods!

  4. Perusing something so excellent has a mending power for the spirit.
    Bob Jones

  5. Nice idea to decorate the cake.I have to say these Russian decorating tips are a total game changer.I will buy cake online and definitely I will try these idea on it.


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