May 16, 2016

Russian Decorating Tips

Calling all bakers who are intimidated by cake decorating:  this ones for you!

I only recently heard about Russian decorating tips and I have to say I'm a complete convert.   You can easily get professional looking results with very little effort.  Sign me up!  Many, many years ago I took a cake decorating class at my local baking supply store.  While the class was great and I learned a lot about making buttercream flowers, I have to say these Russian decorating tips are a total game changer.   

Instead of making individual petals to form the flowers, these decorating tips make the entire flower in one go.  Genius!  Based on a recommendation, I bought this set from Amazon and they are fantastic.  Admittedly I had to practice quite a bit to get satisfactory results (granted I am a perfectionist), but they really are easy to use. 

Take your cakes to the next level and invest in these Russian decorating tips.  For a nominal price the ROI is phenomenal (that's my Finance background talking!).

1 comment:

  1. I had no idea tips like these even existed. Brilliant! Thanks so much for sharing.


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