December 19, 2009

Christmas Cookie Gifts

It doesn't feel like Christmas for me unless I've made batches and batches of assorted cookies to be handed out, along with the cashew toffee, as gifts for family, friends and colleagues.  Because I do have a day job and can't bake at home all day long (I wish!) I tend to stick to cookies that can be made somewhat in advance.  Usually that means I can make the dough ahead of time and bake them as needed or the baked cookies keep in airtight containers for more than a few days.    

The cookies that made the cut this year are, clockwise from the left (in the box):  cranberry-pistachio biscotti, coconut macaroons, iced sugar cookies, checkerboard sablés and walnut snowballs. 

I tried something new with the packaging by using natural kraft boxes and card stock.  The snowflake border on the white card stock was made using the Aspen Snowflake punch set from Martha Stewart.  The tags were created using pink card stock printed with a greeting I made in Word and stamped with a cupcake design and then punched out.  Everything was tied together with red and white bakers twine.    I was trying to go for a more "organic and natural" look and I hope I've achieved it. 
Recipes Used:


  1. For years I've wanted to do food gifts for Christmas. This has definitely inspired to try my hardest to follow through this year - and gives me time to practice! :-)

  2. Anonymous10/12/2014

    Wow, your boxes look great! I assumed it was a stock photo until I read the text - they look that professional :) I like your idea of focusing on make-ahead doughs - brilliant! At the moment, I have a lot of free time to bake, but if/when things get crazier, I will remember that tip!


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