December 17, 2017

Ugly XMAS Sweater Cake

Have you noticed how mainstream ugly XMAS sweaters have become?  What used to be the domain of eccentric elementary school teachers and the likes of Mrs. Roper has now become fashion for the masses during the holiday season. 

As someone who's other passion, besides baking, is fashion I cringe at the idea.  In earnest, I hope you don't brand me a snob because I really don't mean to be.  I just don't understand why anyone would want to dress badly on purpose.   I know, I know....just loosen up, it's all in fun!

So when the dress code for my friend Bibsy's holiday party was a choice between ugly XMAS sweater or XMAS pajamas you better believe I chose the former rather than the latter.  While I LOVE lounging around in pajamas at home I certainly wouldn't choose to be caught wearing them outside.  Luckily another friend was able to lend me her sister's ugly sweater so that I didn't have to go through the trouble (or spend the money) to get one myself.

For dessert Bibsy requested that I make an ugly XMAS sweater cake.   This was definitely something I'd never made before but I was up for the challenge.  To me it was a win-win situation; no matter how bad it turned out it would fit the brief of "being ugly" perfectly.

For the cake you see here I baked two 9x13 size sheet cakes, split each cake in half and filled with Swiss meringue buttercream.  I laid the filled cakes side by side on the cake board.  For the "ugly" part I frosted the exterior with colored Swiss meringue buttercream and piped the most garish design I could think of.  To finish it off I stuck a bunch of Wilton holiday cake decorations all over.  Easy peasy!


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