January 1, 2011

Mini Panettone

The year began with bread.   What better way to start 2011 than with some mini panettone?  If you haven't guessed I'm all about the carbs.  Stick me on a deserted island and the one food I can't live without is bread.  I'll take it in any form: bagel, baguette, pita, croissant, tortilla, biscuit , English muffin.   You name it, I'll eat it.  

I'd been meaning to make panettone for Christmas but all the candy and cookie making kind of took over my kitchen.  Since I'm not traveling for New Years this year and my office is closed this week I figured I'd use my free time judiciously and catch up on some baking.   As if I hadn't had enough already, right?  But what can I say?  I'm a glutton and proud of it! 

I liken the panettone as a cross between a brioche and a fruitcake.   You've got the rich, buttery egg bread of the brioche mixed with the dried fruits of a fruitcake.  

For these minis I ended up combining two panettone recipes from Martha Stewart.  The bread is from this recipe and I topped it with the crust from this recipe.   My sister suggested including the crackly top crust because she thought it would add a nice professional touch to the finished product.  I think that was good call on her part.  The paper molds I found at Sugar 'N Spice in Daly City, but you can find them at most baking supply stores or on amazon.com.


  1. Great photos and what a fantastic looking crumb on that panettone. Have to agree with your sister - that crackly crust really adds a certain something to the final product.

  2. These look great! Shall have to try making these for next Christmas :)

  3. OOh, my mom loves panettone! Are these a one-time deal or can I order some for her? Or perhaps next season...


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