November 19, 2010

Elin's Baby Shower

I don't think I'd be exaggerating if I said that Elin's baby shower was a complete success.  It was a fabulous party and all the guests seemed to really enjoy themselves.  Baby showers are relatively a new thing in Norway and has only recently made it's way across the pond.  Norwegians usually wait until after the baby is born before giving gifts but I'm so glad that Elin decided to buck with tradition.   

Silja, my fellow co-host, and I had a fantastic time planning and organizing the bash.  Not a small feat considering that we were doing this 6,000 miles apart.  Thank goodness for the internet.  The plan was for a sit down dinner in the dining room followed by dessert/coffee and gift opening in the living room.  Special thanks go to Silja's husband and son who were gracious enough to help out at the party...they were excellent servers!    

"Dessert" consisted of a table with lots and lots of yummy treats.  If you aren't familiar with Amy Atlas or Shauna Younge you need to check out their websites for inspiration.  Their creations are absolute perfection.  I'm a huge fan of dessert tables and thought Elin's baby shower was the perfect occasion to give it a try.  I think we pulled it off pretty well.

The table theme was based on Silja's gorgeous bird family invitation.  All the treats complimented the pink and chocolate brown hues.   To save time I made the cookie favors,  iced sugar cookies, chocolate lollipops and the centerpiece cake layers in San Francisco.   After I got to Oslo Silja and I had a marathon day of baking (almost 12 hours straight!) and we made the french macarons, cupcakes and brownies and finished filling and decorating the centerpiece cake. 

All the table elements were pulled together with lovely paperie designed by my friend Michelle of NM Designs.  She created the candy jar labels, food cards and favor tags based on the shower invitation and chocolate brown ribbon with pink stitching that I found in San Francisco.

Now I wouldn't say we threw Norwegian tradition out the window in one night, but several guests told me afterwards that they were bonafide baby shower converts.  If nothing else, I think Silja and I definitely accomplished our main goal, which was throwing Elin a modern, elegant and fun bash.  All that's left is baby Elin's arrival!

Special thanks go to my friend Anne-Marie Rabe for her amazing photos.  Tusen tusen takk!

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  1. Beautifully done! I love dessert tables but hate when they're overly precious. Yours is perfect! I would love to hear how you ended up giving a baby shower for someone in Norway


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