March 28, 2010

Spring Macarons

left to right: lemon, pistachio, passion fruit, raspberry

One of the things that's so great about baking is its resourcefulness.  What I mean by that is how one recipe can influence and inspire the next.    After making the crème brûlées a few weeks ago I found myself with a lot of egg whites.   Normally I'll freeze them for use later to make swiss meringue buttercream frosting.  But this time I decided not to.  I haven't made macarons in a while so I ended up saving the whites to whip up a few batches. 

The weather over the last few months in the Bay Area has been pretty dismal.  I can't remember a time when there's been so much rain and gloom.  It was downright depressing.  But sunny days are now upon us, knock on wood, and I hope they're here to stay.  

These macarons are inspired by spring colors.  I used Tartelette's basic recipe as a starting point and tinted them with powdered food color.  The filling is swiss meringue buttercream mixed with the following:

lemon: Trader Joe's lemon curd
pistachio: pistachio paste
passion fruit: passion fruit puree cooked with Certo pectin and cooled
raspberry: raspberry fruit puree cooked with Certo pectin and cooled



  1. Those colors are just beautiful! The flavors sound fantastic as well.

  2. Yummy! I bet the passion fruit are delicious, I think I will have to give those a go. My first batch of powdered food colours are on there way to me as we speak! I'm very excited!

  3. Anonymous3/29/2010

    Wow..those are cool. I need to some of that Pistachio paste for my ice creams!

  4. i tried macarons when i was in paris and wasn't too impressed even though i really wanted to like them. yours are so pretty that i'm willing to give them another chance. hopefully my talented cousin can make me a fan ;).

  5. Your macaron colors and presentation are so beautiful. Happy and light like Spring. Well done! =)

  6. Absolutely beautiful pictures, Truc-san! Not to mention, delectable! Hey, I'm looking for a scones recipe to make for breakfast. Got one for me?


  7. I'm so glad I found you via Tastespotting! Your photos are so lovely. Very well done, my fellow baking San Franciscan!

  8. Those look like a magical rainbow. I wish I could make them!

  9. So right for spring and the colours are gorgeous. The macarons looks perfect as well.

  10. Your macarons are fantastic!! Gorgeous photos!

  11. your macarons look so gorgeous, amazing!!! I'm envious as I'm gearing up to make my own for the very first time.
    Happy spring!

  12. Anonymous4/27/2010

    Fabulous presentation!

  13. They are beautiful and I'm sure yummy!

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