February 26, 2011

Cake Pops

If I were to say Bakerella what immediately comes to mind?  Cake pops of course!  They're taking the blogging world by storm.  I got Bakerella's book last fall and I'd been meaning to try them out ever since.  The  book is chockablock full of so many creative ideas.   

The cake pops in the picture are lemon cake mixed with lemon frosting and then dipped in Ghiradelli white chocolate candy coating.  I thought the citrus flavors would balance out the sweetness factor.  Uh..not really.  No joke, cake pops are SWEET - we're talking "take me out of my misery and just yank out my molars."  

Readers of this blog probably already know I'm not a fan of overly sweet treats.  If you're like me then cake pops might not be the ideal dessert for you.  But they are so darn cute!  Baking crisis...what to do, what to do?  Got it...I'll just save them for the little ones!  No doubt they'll be delighted with the sugar rush.   Better them than me!


  1. These are gorgeous! One of my favourite things to make:) The lemon-white chocolate is my favourite combination.

  2. I still haven't tried these? I like sweet things, so I will have to try them. Yours are perfectly round and very cute!

  3. Anonymous2/27/2011

    These are super cute!! Love them,
    Jess : )

  4. I love the white and pink together.

  5. So cute!

    I've been able to cut down on the tooth-aching sweetness of cake balls by mixing the crumbled cake with plain cream cheese instead of icing. They're still plenty sweet, but not overwhelmingly so.

  6. These are incredibly adorable! I can't believe this is your first try, because they look great.